Reid Tileston

Reid Tileston trains the future entrepreneurial business owners of America. As an Adjunct Professor at Case Western Reserve University he teaches Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition, invests in entrepreneurial business owners, is a board member, and is an award winning paid keynote speaker. Reid co-created the curriculum for the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition course at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, lectures at leading academic institutions such as Dartmouth, the University of Chicago and the University of California, and serves on the University of Chicago Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Advisory Committee. His expertise is derived from 16 years of successful, on the ground entrepreneurial business ownership experience; acquiring, opening, growing and selling 4 companies in addition to his academic research. Reid achieved a return multiple of invested capital (MOIC) of over 10x on his most recent acquisition and was a top performing Anytime Fitness franchisee. Reid has worked with leading brands such as Harley Davidson, The Milwaukee Bucks, John Deere, Tough Mudder, and Microsoft and has been featured in publications including The Wall Street Journal and Crain’s Chicago. Reid is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley (BA, Economics) 06’; the University of Chicago (Booth) School of Business (MBA, General Management, Entrepreneurship) 15’ and is a Doctoral Researcher at Case Western (26’) doing a dissertation on Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition. As an Eagle Scout, Ironman 140.6 distance triathlete, winning endurance athlete, and a graduate of the National Outdoors Leadership School (NOLS), Reid rejuvenates in the outdoors and is in a perpetual state of planning his next life adventure which recently entailed racing up the world’s tallest staircase in Switzerland in addition an around the world trip. Reid is well positioned to help business owners in waiting experience the autonomy of entrepreneurial business ownership.


  • Reid provides key-note speaking and seminars about the step-by-step process for buying a business at any stage of your life.
  • Reid provides key-note speaking and seminars to business owners about how to achieve satisfaction with your sale where he presents cutting edge doctoral research that he conducted.
  • Reid provides key-note speaking about the economic importance of small business.
  • Reid provides consulting engagements for those looking to learn more about ETA.